All students interested in mathematics are invited to attend the club’s events. Usually the club listens to talks aimed at its members. Talks generally will not require a background beyond calculus and a little linear algebra. Free refreshments will be provided.

  • 1/27Math Club
    Impossible integrals
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  • 2/3Math Club
    Riemann Rearrangement Theorem
    Vasilis Chousionis (UConn)
  • 2/10Math Club
    Resonance, Calculus Tricks And ODEs
    Ely Sandine (Cornell)
  • 2/17Math Club
    Statistics With And Without The Normal Distribution
    Jennifer Sinnott (Ohio State)
  • 2/24Math Club
    When Functions Have No Value(s): Delta Functions And Distributions
    Steven Johnson (MIT)
  • 3/3Math Club
    Emmy Noether, Symmetry, And The Calculus Of Variations
    Masha Gordina (UConn)
  • 3/10Math Club
    Mathemagical Excursions
    Matt Baker (Georgia Tech)
  • 3/17Math Club
    Quantum Mechanics Is Just Linear Algebra On A Computer
    Joe Subotnik (Penn)
  • 3/24Math Club
    Frame Theory And Applications
    Amineh Farzannia (UConn)
  • 3/31Math Club
    Spanning Trees Of A Class Of Graphs: A First Proof
    Jessica Fuller (UConn)
  • 4/7Math Club
    Undersanding Blockchains
    Zach Izzo (Stanford)
  • 4/21Math Club
    Preparing For Math Grad School
    Panel Discussion

Past talks in or after Spring 2019 are accessible through the UConn Events Calendar (search on “math club”). A list of math club talks prior to Spring 2019 can be found here.

Contact us: You can reach the math club by email at the address uconnmathclub@gmail.com.

Officers: The president is Sharon Spaulding, the vice-president is Chloé Becquey, the treasurer is Brian Behrens, and the secretary is Julia Guskind. The faculty advisor is Keith Conrad.

Interested in joining? The math club is open to all registered UConn students. We have a group page on UConntact and on Facebook. Please go to our UConntact page and click on the Join Organization button.

Interested in a topic? If you are a UConn student who wants to hear a talk about some part of mathematics, especially one which may not be in a regularly offered course, write to the email address above and hopefully we can find a suitable speaker to address your interests.

Videos Check out some past math club talks on the math department’s You Tube channel: Nick Juricic’s talk on differentiation under the integral sign on Sept. 30, 2020, Keith Conrad’s talk on patterns that don’t last on Sept. 9, 2015, and Jon Hanke’s talk on the geometry of projective space on April 4, 2012. Other videos are available on the UConn math department’s YouTube Channel.